Jay's personality is as big as his passion for comics! His speaking engagements are always informative, entertaining, and tailored to engage with the interests of that specific audience. From classrooms, to library conferences, to media interviews, Jay has spent years speaking with groups of all ages and sizes about the history and mysteries of comics.

To book a speaking engagement, please email info@jbardyla.ca with event details for a pricing quote. Schools and non-profits will enjoy a significantly reduced rate!


Since 2006, Jay has presented at some 300 schools and libraries. There's nothing like inspiring kids to read — or even make their own comics! Jay also welcomes the opportunity to present at Career Fairs, speaking about jobs in the comics field, as well as setting up and running a successful business.

Jay has been welcomed as the conference keynote speaker for the Northern Lights Library System (2015 and 2018) and the Alberta Association of Library Technicians (2019), and has presented at dozens more library and teachers conferences. He provides educators and librarians a greater appreciation and understanding of the medium of comics. Empowered with knowledge and recommendations, educators are better able to use comics as an outreach tool to enhance literacy and creativity.


Jay has taught as a special guest instructor at the Edmonton Digital Arts College (2016-2019) and Pixel Blue College (2019-present), providing insight into the inner workings of the comics industry (including networking and job opportunities), comics history, and fundamentals of visual storytelling and page design. Looking for an exciting and practical addition to your visual arts curriculum? Jay's got you covered.


Jay's business experience comes direct from the front lines. From its inception in 1999, Happy Harbor experienced positive, continuous growth year over year. In a retail category notorious for razor-thin margins, HH maintained a gross profit margin above 30%.

Jay has spoken to business associations, delivering insights from the trenches of running a small business, or discussing the benefits an engaged retailer can bring to the community.


Jay has developed a presentation specific to a senior audience. Jay's mom worked in a nursing home when he was a kid, and he spent many hours there, listening to residents' stories. That chance to open up and talk is vitally important to everyone's mental and emotional well-being, especially for those living in a care facility where such opportunities might not be as frequent as they would like. Jay's presentation will provide people with a visual connection to happy memories and open up opportunities for them to share their own stories.